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Vegeta Saga

  Everyone has started training for the arrival of the other two Saiyans, which are supposed to be way stronger than Radditz. Picollo kidnaps Gohan and decides to train him. He leaves him in the wilderness to live on his own for a couple of months, and if he lived, he would then be worthy of receiving training. The months go by and Piccolo then trains Gohan, while Krillin, Tienshinhan, Yamcha, Yajirobe, and Chaozu receive special training by Kami-sama. At the same time this is happening, Goku is still in heaven and training as well. He goes out and trains with the great Kaio-sama, there he learns how to do the "Kaioken" and the "Genki Dama" (Spirit Bomb).

  The Saiyans arrive just as told and Yamcha is the first to die. He gets killed when one of the Saiyans plants five "Saibamen", which are little green men, and one of these easily kills him. After Yamcha dies, the little green men are all killed by one of Krillin's attacks. Goku has not yet been revived. The two Saiyan's names are Nappa and Vegeta. Vegeta does not fight at all, but just watches and gives orders to Nappa. This is when Piccolo first finds out about who he really is since the Saiyans call him a "Namek". The next to go is Chaozu when he self-destucts in an attempt to kill Nappa. But this did nothing to Nappa. Tien is enraged and goes for Nappa, but gets an arm cut off and later dies. Then Piccolo and Krillin come in and attack him in mid air when he is not seeing. As Nappa is heading to hit the ground, Piccolo and Krillin both scream at Gohan to finish him off, but Gohan show his cowardliness and does nothing. This might of been their only chance to defeat him. Vegeta tells Nappa to stop messing around, but to wait a while longer for Goku for the fight to really start.

  After Goku is revived, he first goes to Karin tower to pick up some Senzu beans and takes off on his "Flying Nimbus". Gohan gets extremely angry after Nappa knocks Piccolo unconcious in an attempt to grab his tail, which is supposed to be a Saiyan's weak spot, but Nappa had over come that already. Gohan attacks Nappa, but does no real damage. Then Krillin attacks too, and too has no real damage. Nappa gets angry and sends a powerful attack towards Gohan, but is blocked by Piccolo, and so Piccolo dies.

  Goku finally arrives with a power level of 5,500 and increasing. He comes to find out that all of the Z warriors, except for Krillin and Gohan had died and attacks Nappa. Nappa is astonished at Goku's power. Vegeta then says that he will personally kill Goku and so Nappa goes towards Krillin and Gohan. Goku does the Kaioken which leaves Nappa on the floor. Nappa asks Vegeta for help, but Vegeta kills him in cold blood for being weak. The fight between Goku and Vegeta begins, Vegeta is astonished at Goku's power. Since this proves to be a hard match for Vegeta, he decides to turn into Oozaru. Goku decides to do the Spirit bomb, but he needs time to do this. So he does the "Solar flare" to blind Vegeta for a little while. But Vegeta is too quick and tortures Goku up to the point where he is almost dead. Yajirobe, which had been in hiding all along comes out of no where and cuts off Vegeta's tail, so now Vegeta goes back to his normal size. Gohan steps into the fight now although he knows he is no match for Vegeta. Goku, now badly hurt, calls Krillin over to him and tells Krillin to grab his hand so he can channel the Spirit Bomb into Krillin. (Goku still had a bit of energy left from the Spirit Bomb). Krillin gets the energy, forms it into a ball, and waits for just the right moment to use it. Krillin throws it, but misses. Then Gohan bounces it back and this time hits Vegeta. This sends Vegeta through the air, but is not defeated yet. Since Vegeta had made an artificial moon to turn into Oozaru, Gohan grows his tail back(Piccolo had removed Gohan's tail and the Earth's moon when they were training together because Gohan transformed into Oozaru twice.) and happens to look at the artificial moon. Then Gohan transforms into Oozaru. Now the tables have turned. Gohan, as Oozaru, tries to kill Vegeta. Gohan is strong but lost all of his wits and Vegeta takes advantage of this. Vegeta is hiding behind a rock and when Gohan is being careless, Vegeta jumps out from behind the rock and throws a Kienzan (sharp, spinning energy disc) at Gohan's tail. Gohan's tail is cut off, but Gohan (still Oozaru) starts to fall to the ground and lands on Vegeta and he is now defeated. Krillin, now really weak, finds his last strength to finish Vegeta off by killing him with Yajirobe's sword, but Goku tells Krillin not to kill Vegeta and lets him go. Vegeta swears he will get revenge on the earthlings.

   Bulma, Chi-Chi, Master Roshi,  and Karin all fly to the scene of the fight and pick up Gohan, Krillin, and Gokou. On the flight back home, Krillin tells Bulma and the gang about Namek and their DragonBalls. But how will they get there? Krillin reminds everyone of Nappa's spaceship and shows them the device that Vegeta left behind that he called his spaceship to him with. Then Kaio-sama telekenetically talks to them and tells them the address of Planet Namek and tells Son Gokou, Son Gohan, and Krillin they did very well.

   The next morning, they are all at the hospital and Bulma shows up. She has made some adjustments to the Saiyan's device. Then on T.V. they were filming the Nappa's spaceship and Bulma told the gang to watch the spaceship on T.V.  Everyone was looking at the spaceship on T.V. and then Bulma pushed a button. The spaceship started to lift upward and they were excited, and then it blew up. They had lost their way to Namek!

    Everyone was sad......but then Mr. Popo showed up! He took Bulma to Yunza-Bit Heights. It is the farthest corner of the Earth and also the place where Kami lived as a small boy. Kami was sent off of Namek to Earth as a boy because there was a horrible famine there. The spaceship that Kami traveled to Earth in was there and Bulma and Mr. Popo got in it. They took a test drive to Jupiter.

    Two weeks later, Bulma's dad had repaired the spaceship and Bulma, Krillin, and Gohan were ready to go to Namek. Goku was still healing his wounds at the hospital.They said their goodbyes to Master Roshi, ChiChi and the Ox King and took off for Namek in hopes of finding the DragonBalls and wishing their friends back. The journey to Namek was scheduled to take about one month.


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